Join us in praying for the victims of human trafficking and for the traffickers

A Prayer for my Sister's Keeper

Compassionate God, we pray for a loving heart that will heed the cries of those who suffer in silence, the pain of sexual exploitation.


May your Spirit inspire us to speak out for those who cannot speak, that their freedom and human dignity may be respected and protected. 

Give us the courage to walk in solidarity, prayer and action with our sisters and brothers.


We pray especially for a change of mind and heart in thos who perpetrate the evil of human traficking, may your light transform our world and beckon us out of darkness into a new dawn.

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change of heart and mind - prayer for traffickers

My Sister's Prayer

In the dark of the midnight, when the storm hides my face, when the clouds roll above me and there’s no hiding place, beneath the crush of the thunder, precious God hear my cry, keep me safe till the storm passes by.


Till the storm passes over and

the thunder sounds no more,

till the clouds roll forever from the sky, 
hold me fast, let me stand

in the hollow of your arm,
keep me safe till the storm passes by.



A Trafficked Woman

prayer of a trafficked woman

A Prayer for my Sister

Today my sister suffers.
At the cold hands of an unjust world that makes her vulnerable.

At the greedy hands of those who sell her.

At the oppressive hands of those who control her.

At the rough hands of those who buy her.

At the hushed hands of those who say nothing.

Today, my sister suffers.


Compassionate God, today claim my sister for yourself.

Ease her suffering -  hold her hand.

Shine your light to dispel her nightmares.

Give her the strength to live through today.

Give her the hope for a better tomorrow.



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prayer for trafficked women