At present 16 religious congregations of sisters from across the UK are represented at our meetings and through our members we have links to many networks and organisations - Unanima, Renate, UISG, Talitha Kum, APT, PACE ...

We have produced:

  • Basic information leaflets which are updated regularly

  • Leaflets for Prison Governors and Chaplains

  • A Speakers Pack which includes information, resources, prayer material, handouts etc.

  • Prayer Cards & prayer materials 

  • The Way of the Cross (available also on DVD in English, French and Dutch from SRTV Holland)

  • PowerPoints presentations used for Awareness Raising with different groups.


We give talks/workshops to:

  • Schools & Parish groups

  • Diocesan AGMs

  • J&P Conferences

  • Religious Congregations & Faith Groups

  • Clubs and societies



We aim to keep ourselves and our congregations up to date with latest developments. E.g. EU Directives, latest UK strategy, UK & European Human Trafficking reports, UK legislation, TIP reports and Catholic Social Teaching.

We are currently particularly focued on looking at ways to address the issue of Demand and the issue of grooming/Internal trafficking within the UK.


Through Theological Reflections, we bring a faith perspective and a prayerful discernment to our work that helps to enrich and focus our engagement with the issues.  

When thiis done in the process of the pastoral cycle, it opens up new horizons of our faith.  More importantly, it keeps us rooted in the raison d'etre of our work as we try to bring about systemic change and an end to systems and situations of social injustices, particularly Human Trafficking.


TRAC was orginally formed in 2006 by representatives of many of the founding member congregations of the Medaille Trust.  These were sisters who wished to work to educate, raise awareness and campaign on the issue of Human Trafficking. TRAC is now an independent organisation.






 ‘TRAC’ (Trafficking Awareness-Raising and Campaigning), is an initiative working to end sex trafficking, formed by representatives from Congregations of religious sisters in the UK